Queen of Una

Art. Nr.:
16 cm
33 g
Dives to
Shallow 1,5m, Deepdiver 3,5 m

As the name says, this lure has been named after a beautiful river in Bosnia, where we successfully tested it for the first time. It was first intended for the Queen of the UNA – the Huchen or Danube Salmon.

With 16cm length and unforgettably attractive action, it represents the typical prey of this beautiful and strong fish. For a strong predator you need a strong lure. This has been taken into account when we designed the lure. But not only has this lure caught the interest of this rare beautiful fish, the QUEEN of UNA has been responsibile for good catches of  big specimen Zander, Pike and Catfish, as well. This Lure is being produced in a shallow- and deepdiving version  and is offered in the following colours:

Available colours

Browntrout - BT

Black Lax - BX

Roach - RO

Rainbow Trout - RT

Steelhead - SH

Arctic Char - AC

Perlwhite UV - PW

Red Head - RH

Chartreuse - SFC

Eitel - Ei

Zorro - ZR

Shad - S

Grayling - GR

Huchen - HU

Perch - P

Makrel - MA

Fire Tiger - FT

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