We stay true to our slogan: „Quality in every step“! This begins with the selection of our raw materials and continues throughout our production, all the way to our final product testing.

Manufacturing Process

Raw wood shaping

We are using wood carving machine for raw shaping to reach equal size of each lure. We don't want to use the common wood from the Brasilian rain forest, instead we are using fast growing wood from European plantations.


Fine carving of the wood and cutting of the channels

The carving machine make the raw shape, but the final look we have to reach over handgrinding with sandpaper, and finally we cut the channel for the wire with a hand saw.


Forming of the stainless steel wire

We are using dental-grade stainless steel wire and bend it with a hand round pliers.


Filling the channel with epoxy glue

To reach the best possible connection between wood and metal wire - we are using 2K epoxy glue of the highest quality.


Fine grinding with sandpaper

When the glue is hard enough, we add some putty on the surface of the lure and again we are grinding it with sandpaper.


Impregnation of the wood with epoxy primer

To reach a hard surface and good water resistance; we are using high-quality primer on the epoxy basis.



Every single lure is handpainted with airbrush and painter brush; realistic colors need a combination of different painting techniques.


Varnishing with 4 layers of PU lacquer

To reach hard and transparent surface, we are treating our lures with four layers of polyurethane varnish, which take 2 days of production.


Diving lip sticking

When the varnish is hard enough, we must carefully clean the channel and fix the diving lip with slow-drying epoxy glue.


Final testing

Every single lure must be tested and tuned by hand in the water tank.


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