With only 7  and 8.5 cm in length this lure has caught many capital specimen of the predators in the last few years. So we can easily discount the phrase “big lures catches big fish” as only an old saying and nothing else.
Whichever way we retrieve the lure, either evenly, twitched or with erratic movements when trolling, this lure has given great results when catching big  Trouts, Zanders, Pike and Catfish and many sea predators including Seabass and Bonito. The shallowrunner version of the lure has a very firm and small vibration and gets down to about 1.2 m. The deepdiving lure goes down to a depth of about 3m. Both versions are floating and are offered in these colours:

Available colours

Shad - S

Browntrout - BT

Roach - RO

Sunrise - SR

Firetiger - FT

Chartreuse - SFC

Fleck - FL


Bluefish - BF

Perch - P

Gavun - GAV

Clown Devil - CD

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