Art. Nr.:
10 - 13 cm
26 - 50 g
Dives to
0,3 - 1 - 3,5 m

We have designed this plump and noisy lure for bigger predators . Thanks to its aerodynamic form and weight, the lure can be cast very far. The strong buoyancy of the lure and very small diving lip of the super-shallow-runner version will keep it right underneath the surface of the water.That way the lure will not get stuck in the water plants,but strong vibration will attract predators from far away. Shallow-running version dives to 1 m and reach fast this depth, while the deepdiving version dives to 3 m while spinning or even deeper than 5 m while trolling.

The bigger Moby (13 cm – 50 g) is available as shallow running version only, but this lure is not only interesting to Hucho,  big Pike and even bigger Catfish will think that they can get a nice meal.

Available colours

Brown Trout - BT

Rainbow Trout - RT

Black Lax - BX

Fleck - FL

Shad - S

Clown Devil - CD

Chartreuse - SFC

Fire Tiger - FT

Roach - RO

Perch - P

Zorro - ZR

Redhead - RH

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