While developing this bait, we took into account the hydrodynamics and the use of various spin-techniques. Faster spin, twitching, extremely slow withdrawal – this bait masters all techniques of spinning.
Due to its outstanding hunting characteristics, Heps is produced in 3 sizes: 6, 8, and 12 cm, and in two variants, shallow runner and deep diving in each of the mentioned sizes.

HEPS is a favorite among spinners who fish from the shore, or trolling anglers who hunt in shallow bays. Thanks to its aerodynamic shape Heps can be cast far and with accuracy. Its hunting ability was proven both at rivers and at sea. Asp, zander, chub, trout, sea bass, leer fish, bluefish- list of the predators which worship it seems to have no end, so we are not surprised that the interest of anglers in the last years is increased exponentially.

Heps baits are made as floating, shallow runner and deep diving  lures in these colors:

Available colours

Bluefish - BF

Markel - MA

Gavun - GAV

Sunrise - SR

Koi - K

Clown Devil - CD

Chartreuse - SFC

Fire Tiger - FT

White Tiger - WT

Pior - P

Redhead - RH

Shad - S

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