HK-Jointed is a jointed jerkbait with a wide range of usage. With an lenght of 14 cm and weigth of approx. 30 g you can cast, troll,  twitch- or retrieve this lure in a conventional manner. Not only pike but also catfish or strong saltwater predators will take this lure. We took this into account when we designed this robust wobbler,  HK jointed has through-wire construction and is sealed with several layers of epoxy coating.

We offer HK-Jointed in all standard jerkbait  colors, as shown below:

Available colours

Seatrout - ST

Ferox Trout - FX

Roach - RO

Silver Perch - SP

Hasse - HS

Golden Perch - GP

Redhead - RH

Black Mamba - BM

Zorro - ZR

Fire Tiger - FT

Char - CH

White Tiger - WT

Eitel - EI

Makrel - MA

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