Art. Nr.:
DokF & DokD
7 - 9 - 12 cm
7 - 10 - 22 g
Shallow- and deep runner
Dives to
Shallow <1 m, Deepdiver <2,5 m

The DOK  is one of our first and most popular lures, we are making them since more than 15 years in three sizes: 7, 9 and 12 centimeters and two versions:  shallow- and deep runing version.

The DOK-7 is the smallest lure in DOK series. It has very fine and  attractive vibration. When we tested this small wobbler, we quickly realized that this lure will become many anglers, favourite for catching all types of fish. Whichever way we would use it, trolling or twitching, its classical retrieval action stays very firm. It is a perfect lure for Trout, Seabass, Zander and Perch

 The DOK-9 has characteristics of a very strong lure with only a moderate vibrating action. You can use them for common spinning or  trolling. It attracts predators like  Zander, Catfish, Pike, Bonito, Seabass from quite far away. It’s very stable even in strong river current or trolling speed up to 10 knots.

The Dok 12 – If you are looking for a lure suitable for trolling for pelagic species like little thunny or bonito? Dok 12  is the right choice. Regardless of your trolling speed, this lure will self-adjust easily, and the most important thing – this  lure catches them all.  After  15  years of successful using we can say with pride that we have succeeded in our original idea – to create a perfect trolling lure. In fact we have got much more from DOK-12, it has become a favourite toy of all anglers that are not afraid of using bigger lures

All Dok series are offered in folowing colors:

Available colours

Fire Tiger

Clown Devil

Hot Tiger







White Tiger

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