12 cm
50 g

This year we are celebrating our 15th anniversary and what better way to do it than with a few surprises. First of them is this fat piece of lure we lovingly named „BRU“. With its 50 grams and 12 centimeters it will be a snack no spring pike will be able to resist. Its shape will allow it to be cast very far and worked just under the surface or up to one meter of depth, depending on your retrieve technique. You will notice it also has a relatively high body and special beak design which enables it to dance and flash in the water, attracting predators from far distances. It can also be used as a twitch lure because sharp sporadic rod taps will give it a very unique action. As always, we constructed it from tough wood impregnated with epoxy resin which should ensure it stays in your tackle box for years to come. With pike season just around the corner, we worked hard to give them something very attractive to bite on and we have no doubt you will celebrate your first trophy catch of the year with your new Bru!

Available colours



Ruegen Madness

Black Mamba




Fire Tiger

Brown Trout

Silver Perch

White Tiger



Blue Strike

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