Bombic ultra light

Smaller streams with faster flow and clear water are typical places where chub and trout habitat. To be able to deceive these cunning fish in such clear streams the bait must have an attractive and stable action – Bombic 4 is our favorite for this kind  of streams. Although small in size of just 4 cm, it can be cast far and is very effective at changing river currents. Chub, trout and perch are crazy about it. The baits are made in all standard Bombic colors.

Available colours

Shad - S

Perch - P

Brown Trout - BT

Roach - RO

Hasse - HS

Hot Tiger - HT

White Tiger - WT

Red Head - RH

Bluefish - BF

Chartreuse - SFC

Clown Devil - CD

Firetiger - FT

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