Art. Nr.:
BomF & BomD
7 cm
9 g
Shallow- and deep runner
Dives to
Shallow <0,8 m Deepdiver <2,5 m

Bombic is one of our very first wobblers which appeared on the market 15 years ago and since then it brought capital fish to many anglers. The name of this lure describes very well the effect that it has on predators that are unlucky to be in its close proximity. Thanks to its roundish shape, Bombic can be cast far and accurately and perfectly cope with strong river currents and faster trolling. In rivers Bombic is used very successfully for catching chub, asp, pike, zander and catfish, while at sea its deep diving form is often used for trolling bluefish.  The shallow version of the lure can go to a depth of 1 m and has a very interesting and groggy action which attracts many predators including Chub, Zander and Trout. The deepdiving version can reach a depth of up to 2.5 m and has a bit stronger vibration, which is very important in this depth.

All Bombic baits are made as floating variations in colors shown below:

Available colours

Perch - P

Red Head - RH

Shad - S

Bluefish - BF

Roach - RO

White Tiger - WT

Brown Trout - BT

Hasse - HS

Hot Tiger - HT

Chartreuse - SFC

Clown Devil - CD

Fire Tiger - FT

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