Bombic FAT

Bombic FAT – as the name itself indicates is a fattened variation of a regular Bombic that has been targeted to make stronger vibrations. Thanks to its roundish shape, Bombic FAT can be cast far and accurately and perfectly cope with strong river currents and faster trolling. In accordance with its form the deepdiver version dives to a depth of 4 meters, while shallowrunner version swims just underneath the surface. This bait has proven to be very successful in catching catfish and big zander in rivers and also lake trout and pike while trolling the lakes.  Bombic FAT bait is made as floating variation in colors shown below:

Available colours

Bluefish - BF

Shad - S

Roach - RO

Red Head - RH

White Tiger - WT

Perch - P

Brown Trout - BT

Hasse - HS

Chartreuse - SFC

Hot Tiger - HT

Clown Devil - CD

Fire Tiger - FT

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