Proto Stick

Art. Nr.:
13 cm
10 g
Soft lure
Dives to

A fat, juicy worm full of protein, salmon oil and generously seasoned with salt is a snack that no Bass or even Sea Bass will be able to resist! Its aerodynamic shape and weight distribution allow long and precise casts but the real trick is in its slim tail which shakes with every rod movement as well as on the drop. Texas, Carolina, Shaky, Wacky, or any other rig you can think of will all work like a charm with this new monster we created. Our brand, spanking new ProtoStick is 13 cm long and weighs exactly 10 grams and  we offer it all standard MD colors.

Available colours

Ghost - G

Saltn'pepper - SP

Bluefish - BF

Motoroil - MO

Copper - CP

Brownie - BW

Pumpkin - PM

Black Star - BS

Orange Pepper - OP

Frog - F

Fluo - FL


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