Art. Nr.:
11 cm
12 g
Soft lure
Dives to

In the Fall, when various fish fry is no longer on the menu, predators return to their favorite bottom dwelling meal – the Bullhead! Being a lousy swimmer, Bullhead moves sporadically with quick jumps and darts to the nearest safe cover on the bottom. That is what we thought about when designing this lure. Its tail paddle is turned upwards intentionally. It allows the lure to slide over the bottom and jump at the slightest twitch. No predator will miss that opportunity! So, meet our PESH which is 11 cm long and available in all standard and UV colours.

Available colours

Cookie - C

Motoroil - MO

Ruffe - RF

Pearl Olive - PO

Lime - LM

Grinch - GN

UV Lime - ULM

Pumpkin - PM

Firetail - FT

Papaya - PA

Chartreuse - SFC

Lemon - LM

Pearlino - PL

Pink Pearl - PP

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