Sea Mamma

Art. Nr.:
16 cm
70 g

The big blue sea is full of vary predators whose eyes see all… They are not easy to fool so we had to do something special, something we were being asked for by many of our sea fishing clients for a long time now. But, being as we are, we didn’t want to put it out there until we were completely satisfied with the result. So, finally it is time to present you with the first from our new Sea Series of lures – the mighty Sea Mamma ( 16 cm – 70 g ) Tough plantation wood impregnated with epoxy resin, hardened with heavy duty wire through the entire body of the lure with realistic color as the proverbial cherry on top – do you need more guarantee for a sure catch?

Fish see colours different than we do. Most of the times we find this hard to accept so we keep offering them lures coloured how WE think they would find it appealing. Fishermen all over the world argue about this constantly but luckily, we test and act upon real results. If you ask me, I couldn’t begin describing all the colour variants we designed over the years but number is well into three dig its for sure. There are those that catch the fisherman but there are also those who catch FISH! These 6 colors were proven through numerous trophy Tuna and GT. What exactly the reason is, we do not really care. Important fact is that they love it and will always STRIKE when Sea Mamma enters their field of vision.

Available colours

Realistic Sardine

Realistic Mullet


Green Makrel

Blue Strike

Hot Pink

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