Barracuda 19

Art. Nr.:
19 cm
26 g

Fierce battle for survival under sea surface makes a young undeveloped predator a welcome prey for its bigger rivals. With constant sea temperature rises we are witnessing, the European barracuda is spreading to the north and its younglings are a favorite snack for any passing leerfish, bluefish, amberjack and even larger seabass. We tried to make our take on it as real as possible using special airbrush and some of our own new techniques. Take a look and see how well we did.

Do you like it? By the way, this surface lure is 19 cm long and weighs 26 grams which allows it to be cast very far and worked in slow „walk the dog“ or fast asynchronous action patterns. Steel wire goes through the entire body and is covered by a thick epoxy layer making the lure extra strong and ready for any tooth that bites it!

Available colours

Green Cuda

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