Vibro Zack

6 - 8 - 10 cm
15 - 30 - 50 - 80 g

Everybody knows that we at Monarch Dok prefer making big lures. We do not consider „go big or go home“ just a saying, we live by that rule. Numerous trophy fish caught on our large wobblers and soft lures are a definite proof that we are not wrong. So, naturally, when we set out to design our latest lipless lure, the Vibro Zack, we made it a bit bigger than your usual lure of the type. 10 cm and 50-80 grams are sure to attract huge catfish, hucho and cod. But, as soon as we put it on the market, there were people saying it was a good lure but too big for their use. Then we made its smaller brother in 8 cm and 30 grams but again, too big for some.

So, we went one size down again and finally we can present the Baby Zack! Only 6 cm and 15 grams will make this one must have in any tackle box. Throw it into the strong current and just wait. Asp, chub or a monster catfish will notice its deadly vibe and chase it down with vengeance. It is light enough to use on shallow still water too. Pike will definitely check what the fuss is about and given the results we got from extensive testing… Prepare to be surprised!

Available colours


Black Mamba


Brown Trout

Fire Tiger

Hot Tiger








Clown Devil

Pearl White


Pink Lady


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