Project 7

Art. Nr.:
Nr. 122

Project 7 – in the beginning it was just one of the projects that started from the shape of the highly successful brother TNT-jerk. Actually it gained so much popularity with our test anglers that we had to include it in our series offer.
This jerk bait is characterized by a very lively action and relatively short  motion amplitude. Thanks to the good balance schedule this bait moves in its seductive zigzag action at the slightest twitch with the tip of a rod. It is necessary to point out that for a successful use of project 7 jerk bait a regular spin-rod and a stationary reel are sufficient. Its design allows the use of various spin and “jerk” technique. We can retrieve it ultra fast or very slow with many breaks.
We offer this jerk bait in floating and slow sinking version in all standard jerk bait colors.

Available colours

Dot Shad - DS

Wernie - WE

White Tiger - WT

Wounded - WO

Tonglocke - TGL

Seatrout - ST

Silver Perch - SP

Roach - RO

Red Head - RH

Red Tiger - RET

Parrot - PR

Golden Perch - GP

Mackrel - MA

Lax - LX

Hot Tiger - HT

Hasse - HS

Ferox - FX

Fire Tiger - FT

Frog Pox - FP

Clown Devil - CD

Char - CHAR

Black Mamba - BM

Bitterling - BL

Blue Fish - BF

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