Mini Jerk

Art. Nr.:
8 cm
18 g

Can a smaller jerk bait be made while maintaining an attractive zigzag action? In recent years that was a frequently asked question from out clients. We set to work and after some tests our Mini-Jerk got into serial production. With its 8 cm in length and approx. 18 g of weight you can use the bait even with the lightest spin accessories. Due to good balance schedule in such a small buoyant body, even the slightest twitch with the tip of the rod will give it a wild action. The problem we identified with this bait is that even larger prey likes it, so it is often necessary to carry long nose pliers in order to remove it from a big mouth. But nowadays there is usually no shortage of such tools in accessories of sport fishermen. Target fish in fresh water are largemouth bass, asp and pike while at sea we have successfully caught leer fish, bluefish and cunning sea bass. We offer this jerk bait in floating and sinking version in all standard jerk bait color.

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Blue Strike

Golden Perch



Ruegen Madness

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