As its name implies, this lure is designed for one of the strongest river predators – Mongolian Taimen (Hucho Taimen), close relative of our Hucho. Taimen is one strong, sturdy and above all stable lure. With its 16cm in length and weight of approximately 50g it can be cast far away with precision. Because of its body shape and balance allocation it doesn’t fumble even at longest casts. Flat belly and slightly tilted front maintains the lure stable even in the strongest river flows without any problems. At the same time, retrieving lure through calm waters is quite enough to induce its attractive action.  With its extremely sturdy, attractive build and stabile action even in strongest river flows, he will cope with this extremely strong “beast” without any problems. Of course, this lure is not only interesting to Taimen. In our test phase we were able to catch capital specimens of Pike, Catfish and also sea predators such as Dentice (or Common Dentex) and Amberjack. This lure is being produced in floating shallow running and  deep running versions. Shallow runner version goes up to 60cm in depth and deep runner goes between 4 and 5 meters.

Available colours

Brown Trout - BT

Black Lax - BX

Roach - RO

Mackrel - MA

Fire Tiger - FT

Wernie - WE

Rainbow Trout - RT

Red Head - RH

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