Bogey is a bait with medium strong vibration which tolerates even stronger river currents and faster trolling. With its approx. 20 g weight and only 11 cm in length this bait can be cast far and accurate. Its working depth is about 2 m, but when trolling it can dive a bit deeper. Bogey is proven to be excellent in both freshwater fishing, when hunting pike, zander and catfish as well as at sea when hunting common bonito and bluefish. Bogey baits are made as floating, deep diving lures in these colors.

Available colours

Roach - RO

Knez - KN

Bluefish - BF

Mackrel - MA

Pior - PI

Perch - P

Sunrise - SR

Firetiger - FT

Clown Devil - CD

Chartreuse - SFC

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