HECHTKILLER is part of our “arsenal” and is well known to many Pike anglers all over the world. With 13cm length and about 40g weight it falls into the category of light jerk baits.
We are making this Jerk specificially from very light wood, so that even for inexperienced anglers jerking would become an accessable technique, as it moves very easilythrough the water.  Although because of its lightness anglers can use conventional tackle, we recommend to use a jerk rod and multiplier reel. This jerkbait has excellent belly flash action and can be used with different jerkbait techniques.  HECHTKILLER is being offered as a floating or a sinking version in the following colours:

Available colours

Bluefish - BF

Bitterling - BL

Black Mamba - BM

Clown Devil - CD

Char - CHAR

Dot Shad - DS

Frog Pox - FP

Fire Tiger - FT

Ferox - FX

Hasse - HS

Hot Tiger - HT

Lax - LX

Mackrel - MA

Golden Perch - GP

Parrot - PR

Red Tiger - RET

Red Head - RH

Roach - RO

Silver Perch - SP

Seatrout - ST

Tonglocke - TGL

Wernie - WE

Wounded - WO

White Tiger - WT

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