Stinger is a lure of wide application, on rivers as well as on lakes and especially on the sea. Characterised by middle range lively vibration, stabile action in fast river flows and relatively fast diving to wanted depth. The 6cm version showed excellent in fishing river Zander, but also for various fish species on the sea. It dives up to 1,5 m. The 8cm version dives up to 2,5 m and is attractive for catching Zander , Pike and Catfish on rivers, as well as bigger pelagic predators. Both versions are available as deep running, floating lures in following colurs:

Available colours

Sunrise - SR

Bluefish - BF

Roach - RO

Red Head - RH

Perch - P

Mackrel - MA

Chartreuse - SFC

White Tiger - WT

Fire Tiger - FT

Clown Devil - CD


Brown Trout - BT

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