The smaller brother of the DOK-ES series has originally been designed as lure for trout fishing in rivers that have faster flows. But we quickly understood that this lure also catches many bigger predators in rivers and sea. The  extremely lively vibration of the lure is very attractive in even very slow flowing water or when trolling on the lakes. Lake Trout, Perch or Seabass will not resist the lure even in very sunny weather! The shallowrunner version goes down to about 60 cm, whereas the deepdiver goes down to about 1.5 m. Both versions are floating and are offered in these colours:

Available colours

Roach - RO

Perch - P

Gavun - GAV

Bluefish - BF

Makrel - MA

Sunrise - SR

Red Head - RH

White Tiger - WT

Pink Tiger - PT

Clown Devil - CD

Chartreuse - SFC

Fire Tiger - FT

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