The DOK-7 is the smallest lure in DOK series. It has very fine and  attractive vibration. When we tested this small wobbler, we quickly realized that this lure will become many anglers, favourite for catching all types of fish. Whichever way we would use it, trolling or twitching, its classical retrieval action stays very firm. It is a perfect lure for Trout, Seabass, Zander and Perch but also bigger predators will find this lure very attractive. Dok 7  is being offered as a floating, shallow running and deepdiving wobbler. We off er the lure in the colors  showed below:

Available colours

Roach - RO

Perch - P

Shad - S

Brown Trout - BT

Red Head - RH

White Tiger - WT

Bluefish - BF

Makrel - MA

Chartreuse - SFC

Clown Devil - CD

Fire Tiger - FT

Hot Tiger - HT

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