Turbo – G

A lure that can withstand G-Force – that is the easiest way to describe this heavy duty lure. It’s triangular, elongated body transfers all the power of the waterflow over its massive, perpendicular tail thus creating an incredibly strong vibration of the entire lure. It’s so pronounced, you might mistake it for a deep diving wobbler. No matter what the retrieve, the vibration is constant and it grabs the attention of every predator in the area…. Zander, Pike and Catfish will answer its call from great distance and the same goes for all of the sea predators. That is why this lure has claimed so many trophy fish shortly after it was introduced. At the moment, we manufacture it in one size of 11 cm, but smaller and larger versions will soon be in production too. Needless to say, we will offer them all in our entire pallete of standard MD colors.

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