As the name itself suggests, we designed this lure to trigger attacks from the most cunning of  fresh and saltwater predators, zander and seabass!

Trigger is a lively lure with very fine vibration. Whether you fish a calm, crystal clear cove or a fast river current, predators will find it equally irresistible. It is suitable for various fishing styles, from classic spinning to drop shot techniques. In 8 cm size, its tiny vibration doesn’t attract only Zander, we found Perch, Barbell and Chub love to take a bite too. The 10 cm version is deadly for spinning or vertical jigging Zander in rivers, Largemouth Bass in lakes and it has also proved itself at sea where it claimed many large specimens of Sea Bass and Bluefish. Finally, the 12 cm version has a stronger vibration which is responsible for many trophy Zander, Pike and Catfish while at sea many bottom feeders found it very interesting too. Due to great interest and amazing results we had with the Trigger family of lures, we will soon be introducing larger versions too and they will also be available in all of our standard MD colors.


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